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Celebrating, On the Homestead

Celebrating June on the Homestead

June 14th Flag Day/Children’s Day

  • Make windsocks and flags
  • Go berry picking (don’t forget to pack hats, baskets, buckets and fresh lemonade)
  • Make berry pies, jams etc.


June19th Father’s Day

  • Children make a special letter to dad thanking him for all he does, recounting all dad did /with the child the past year
  • Add letter to daddy scrap book
  • Annual banana ice cream sunday making


June 21st Lithia/Summer Solstice

  • This is the longest day of the year
  • Read midsummer night and faery stories
  • Gather flowers and pin them to clothes, make garlands and bouquets
  • Make and burn a wicker man / have a bon fire move some sticks aside to jump over for purification and renewed energy.
  • Say a special blessing for fathers
  • Play the giving game
  • Update and review time capsule
  • Make a sun pinata
  • Make dream pillows
  • Dance and sing
  • In the morning kids find what the fae have left behind for them (books, crystals, pouches, wands etc)


June 24th Midsummer/St. John’s Tide


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